We all know that children like fairytales. And we all know that the children like to watch a magician. But is it possible to see this in one place? Igor made an effort to show his magician skills in form of theater play and so make his performance even more beautiful, more attractive and educative. There are several child plays which are appropriate for performing in kindergartens, schools, firms, shopping malls and many other locations.

One of them is “Magic Carrot”. Imagine this: with his magic wand Igor creates doves, turns them into confetti, scarves change color, balls disappears. He even teaches children how to handle a magic wand. And all of a sudden, a bunny (puppet named Zekan) comes out of a hat and performs “magic” with the help of his magic carrot and then the competition who is a better magician, begins. In this play, children enjoy while Igor and Zekan are taking them through a series of comic situations fulfilled with magic.

Plays are created in a way that children participate actively, and it can last from 35 till 45 minutes (depending on children age). All the necessary requisites, including technique, sound system and front screen is provided by the team of Igor the magician.

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