A spectacle for children and adults which had its premiere on 30th October 2010 in hall of Children’s Cultural Center, Belgrade, and continued to be performed in main hall of Dom omladine, Belgrade. Igor’s magic show is an entertainment for whole family where everyone loses breath, watching the acts with which Igor won awards, both in our country and abroad.

This spectacle is more than just showing magic tricks. It is a show where you have the opportunity to see the most current illusionist tricks connected with a dramatic narrative full of suspense. Magician Igor decreases, increases, disappears, teleports from one place to another. Cards appear from nowhere, doves appear and disappear, and imagine this – dresses change color in seconds. And all this with help of his assistant Ana and of course, children which come on stage directly from the audience.

If you wish to experience something extraordinary and make sure that the magic exists, Igor’s magic show is the right thing for you and your loved ones.

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